Twaron (a brand name of Teijin Aramid) is a para-aramid. It is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibre. Twaron® has become established as the preferred para-aramid product for manufacturers who want to deliver products that are stronger, lighter, and more resistant. With its unique combination of mechanical properties, chemical resistance, excellent durability and thermal stability, Twaron® can transform a normal product into an extraordinary one. Twaron® can deliver a huge range of performance improvements to an exceptionally wide range of high-performance applications, including ballistic protection, heat and chemical protection, and applications for the oil and gas industries.

TeXtreme® Technology is a proprietary reinforcement technology based on
thin ply and spread tow principles.

The structure of our Spread tow fabrics allows us to achieve thinner laminates called Thin ply. Because of the straight carbon fibers in the TeXtreme® Spread Tow, these thin plies give composites better performance by avoiding micro cracks and damage initiation occurring when carrying larger loads.