O3 TeXtreme® x Twaron® BEAST 98

TeXtreme II Beast O3 98.jpg
TeXtreme II Beast O3 98.jpg

O3 TeXtreme® x Twaron® BEAST 98


Bonus: Lightning XX 16 or 17 string provided at NO CHARGE, please indicate gauge preference in the additional information section at checkout.  (Note: The racquet comes unstrung)

The second generation of Textreme weaves Twaron directly into the graphite/Textreme matrix. Like Kevlar, Twaron is an Aramid, designed to enhance dampening along with improving the sound of impact. The beast series is designed for attacking players who dominate from the baseline with heavy ground strokes. The Beast series provides players with the ability to control the game, unleashing power and spin for precise shots from anywhere on the court.

·         Head Size: 98in²/632cm²

·         Weight: 300g/10.6oz unstung

·         Balance: 31.5cm/12.4in 9 pts.HL

·         Swing Weight: 290

·         String Pattern: 16x20

·         Cross Section: 24-21mm

·         Length: 27in/68.6cm

·         Composition: 100% Graphite/TeXtreme/O3/ Twaron

·         Available Grip Size: 1-4

·         Grip: ResiPro

·         Recommended String: Lightning XX 16 or 17

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